Abstract Lord Ganesha Painting

I have made a new watercolor painting – Abstract Lord Ganesha. The artwork features the Hindu deity of good fortune and success, Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganapati.

With the abstract Ganesha design in focus, it also has a lot of color splashes and some floral design made with a sketch pen.

“Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश, Gaṇeśa), also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon.
Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha’s elephant head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.”

– Wikipedia

Abstract Lord Ganesha Watercolor Painting - By Sarang

Abstract Lord Ganesha Watercolor Painting

(Also see: My Abstract Lord Krishna painting)

Oh, by the way, July ’16 is World Watercolor Month! So a very happy and splashy #WorldWatercolorMonth to all.😀

2 Colored Pencil Artworks – “The Lion” and “The Phoenix”

I was going through some old drawings of mine and found these two illustrations I made a year ago – “The Lion” and “The Phoenix”. Both artworks are made entirely with color pencils and are a vibrant mix of colors with some abstract creativity.

The Lion is an amalgamation of bright, vivid designs resulting in a lion’s head gleaming with pride. The Phoenix illustration has an equally vivacious phoenix flapping its magnificent wings. One is the king of land and the other the prince of skies! Here are the artworks:

The Lion - Colored Pencil Artwork by Sarang

The Lion – Colored Pencil Artwork

The Phoenix - Colored Pencil Artwork by Sarang

The Phoenix – Colored Pencil Artwork

The Lion and The Phoenix Artworks

Illustrations of Artistic Animal Pairs by Katy Lipscomb

Katy Lipscomb is a freelance illustrator living in Georgia, USA. I featured her vivid and beautiful animal artworks in a previous post here. Her works illustrate various animal spirits – many of them forming beautiful pairs! That could be a dragon with a wolf, a couple of snakes, a lion with his cub and so on. She uses watercolors, color pencils and markers. You can find her work on DeviantArt and on Facebook.

Here are some artistic animal pairs by Katy Lipscomb…




Michael Zajkov Creates Stunningly Realistic Dolls That Appear to Be Living

Michael Zajkov is a Moscow-based artist who creates such hyper-realistic dolls that often they make people feel uncomfortable! Unlike other dolls out there, Michael Zajkov’s dolls are hand-sculpted and are a fine work of art. These dolls are made from a special type of modeling clay, with beautiful glass eyes, French mohair wigs and numerous joints in them.

Zajkov graduated from Kuban State University of Russia in 2009. From 2010 to 2013 he worked at a puppet theatre while also attending a graduate school. He made his first doll in 2010.

Michael Zajkov with his hyper-realistic dolls

Michael Zajkov with his hyper-realistic dolls

Realistic dolls by Michael Zajkov 1

Michael shares the pictures of his startlingly lifelike dolls and sneak previews of their production process on his Instagram page.
Although they are quite eerie, I am sharing some pictures of his dolls here… Tell me in comments if you see any of them blinking!🙂 More

20 Business Cards So Awesomely Designed That You Just Can’t Ignore Them

Do you think your business card is just a medium to tell people how to reach you, or something more – something that reflects who you are? These outstanding business cards show how innovative you can get with little things and catch your client’s attention. Get inspired by this collection of 20 awesome business cards designed to make an everlasting impression.

I also shared previously: 33 Creative Business Cards for Your Inspiration

Awesome business card 1 More

Working on Some Exciting New Projects

It has been a while since I updated the Wall. Actually, I have been really busy in engineering life lately – working on one project after another. I think it’s time to write something about my recent endeavors here on the blog.

Working on some awesome projects!


Some More Watercolor Splashes by Blule

A while ago, I posted about the beautiful watercolor superhero paintings made by Clémentine – a French illustrator living in Sydney. In the same post, I said that “she paints a lot of things”, which is true indeed! The awesome designer paints much more than just superheroes and today I am sharing some more paintings by her.

(You can see her artworks on her website, named Blule. She is also on Facebook and Instagram.)

Watercolor paintings by Blule 1 More

Digital Art by SanguisGelidus (Jonas Jödicke)

Long ago, I made a post about the Berlin-based artist Jonas Jödicke (aka SanguisGelidus). He creates both traditional and digital art themed mainly on fantasy and fiction.
Today I am going to share some gorgeous digital artworks created by him.

(Find more on DeviantArt, Facebook and Instagram.)

Alice in wonderland - Digital art by SanguisGelidus

Alice in wonderland


3D Anamorphic Drawings by Stephan Moity Perform Trick on the Eyes

Stephan Moity is a self-taught French artist who creates beautiful 3D and anamorphic drawings, which often look so detailed that one may assume them to be actual objects or people! His drawings include daily things, animals, pop culture figures and characters. He shares his works on his Instagram profile.

Here is some spectacular 3D art by the artist:

Stephan Moity 3D Drawings 1

Stephan Moity 3D Drawings 2 More

Stunning Glass Sculptures by Ben Young Capture Ocean’s Beauty

Self-taught artist Ben Young has been making beautiful glass sculptures for over 10 years. Living in Sydney, Ben Young creates sculptures of ocean waves and watery landscapes by layering multiple sheets of hand cut glass. Although the extreme precision and detail of his work may lead you to assume that he uses high-tech machinery to build his pieces, Young’s sculptures are actually hand drawn and handcrafted, layer on layer!

Here are some of the works of this popular glass sculptor. You can find more on his website and Facebook page.

Ben Young Glass Sculpture 1

Ben Young Glass Sculpture 2 More

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