Attending ReactFoo Conference 2018 and Exploring the City of Pune

One morning, some days ago, I was offered (read persuaded) by our manager to go and attend this software developers’ event happening in Pune, Maharashtra. The name was ReactFoo, and it was a developers’ meetup, with talks and workshops around the popular web design framework, ReactJS.

Now let me tell you, I’m not an avid traveler. Though I reckon that traveling to new places has almost always rewarded me with some great experiences, I am not one of those who would volunteer for the tasks that involve travel.

But this prospective Pune trip was something I really started to look forward to. Not only I had the urge to learn more about ReactJS and meet fellow JS devs, but also after so many years I finally had the occasion to catch up with my very good (read one of the best) friend from school days, Trisha Mukherjee, who happens to live in Pune!

I and one of my teammates were chosen to go for the conference. This was my very first trip to such an event on the behalf of a company. Thrilled about how the things will unfold, I boarded the flight to Pune on the evening of 18th January. This post recites about my time there, that is from 19th to 21st of January, 2018.

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Christmas Greeting Cards With Pixelated Design

pixelated-christmas-cards-iconMerry Christmas, everyone!
Pixel art is where artists specify the location of individual pixels of an artwork, which build up to create intricate effects. (Think about those 8-bit graphics first seen with the release of gaming consoles in the early ’80s.)

Here is a bunch of Christmas cards featuring pixelated design… These cards are no less artistic than the usual ones, and a bit (ha!) cleverer.

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On Securing an Internship Before Graduation & Leaving College to Work

It has been quite a long time since I posted and I think some happy posts are overdue… Yes, I have great news – one which I should have posted some months ago, but couldn’t just gather the words for it. Here’s a narrative of how the year 2017 brought a change in the life of a Computer Science student.

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Lord Ganesha Colored Pencil Artwork

lord-ganesha-colored-pencil-sketch-illustration-iconI made this abstract sketch in the first year of college and wanted to share it on the Wall for quite some time…
Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश, Gaṇeśa), also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is the Hindu deity of wisdom and the remover of all obstacles. Here is my sketch.

Lord Ganesha Colored Pencil Art by Sarang

The artwork is inspired by a beautiful painting of Lord Ganesha by Rupa Prakash.
The abstract Ganesha painting which inspired the art →

Lord Ganesh by Rupa Prakash - Credit
Lord Ganesh by Rupa Prakash – Credit

“The Tree of Life” Colored Pencil Artwork

the-tree-of-life-illustration-icon“The Tree of Life” is a colored pencil art I created in my 1st year at college (in 2014). It was inspired by a very similar artwork of another artist, which I saw while browsing on DeviantArt.

To me, the concept appears to be very much alike life itself – a burst of colors perpetually swirling and dispersing into everything. 🙂

The Tree of Life - Abstract Sketch on My Drawing Book

The Tree of Life - Abstract Sketch Colored Pencils

My Latest Project – A Note-Taking Web App

It has been a long time since I updated the Wall. As usual, I was quite busy with college work and my new project, called ng-notes. It is a comprehensive web app for taking notes and quickly capturing what is on your mind – ideas, pictures, lists and more.

ng-notes Project

Use the app | View code on GitHub

It has a simple, clutter-free interface that can keep you focussed on your work. Moreover, this app is friends with all your devices. Just write a note once, and access it from anywhere on any device – be it your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It is loaded with all the features we crave in a notes app – attach images and files with a note, format text, dictate notes and insert emoji on the tap of a button.

ng-notes Screenshots

The inspiration behind its design is Google Keep, which my favorite note-taking app out there.​​​​​​​​

ng-notes Display PosterI have built ng-notes with MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js). The UX is largely based on AngularJS, hence the name ng-notes. 🙂

The project was started in January this year as a practice of my Web Development classes, but it grew exponentially. Now, after hundreds of GitHub commits, it has finally taken the shape of a decent notes app. It was also displayed in my college during projects display this semester.​​​​

I have deployed it on Heroku and you can use it at In fact, I am writing this post in my ng-notes account itself and believe me, it feels awesome! 😉

5 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

reasons-why-i-love-blogging-iconIt has been years since I set foot in the blogging world and I still find it equally interesting and lovable. In fact, I consider blogging to be one of the most productive tasks I do online. I started Wall of Wonders in 2012 and since then, this blog has flourished and has taken me along in its growth.

Whether you post regularly or randomly, with research or just freshly out of your mind, blogging can be a really fruitful penchant for you! So here are the top 5 reasons why I love blogging so much and why you should start your own blog right now.

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How I Spent the Christmas of 2016

About a month ago, in November, just before the end-term exams, our batch was told that this winter, extra classes will be scheduled for us and the winter break (earlier scheduled from December 25th onwards) has been postponed till December 31st. Being a hosteler, this meant I had to stay in the college during the beautiful holiday season… The thought was disheartening.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Comic

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18 Beautiful & Crafty Christmas Card Designs

18-beautiful-and-crafty-christmas-card-designs-iconWith warm greetings of the season, here is a collection of some uniquely crafty and creative Christmas cards. These are great examples of using a bit of clever craft work to add elegance to design.

If you are looking for a distinctive Xmas card idea, be sure to also check my post, 15 Creative DIY Christmas Card Ideas.

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Designer Problems: Hilarious Comic Portraying Everyday Problems Faced by Designers

designer-problems-comic-by-creative-market-icon#DesignerProblems comics (by Creative Market) show the weird problems designers face everyday. Written and illustrated by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes, they depict the various sides of life in the designer zone – be it the dilemma of choosing a good font or satisfying crazy requests from the client, they cover it all in a way which is both clever and funny.

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