Welcome to the Wall of Wonderful Things

A wall full of wonders!
A wall full of wonders!

Hello and welcome to the Wall of Wonders – a wall full of interesting and inspirational content scribbled all over! Wall of Wonders (WOW) is my blog & portfolio where I will focus on beautiful art, illustrations, inspirational people, interesting texts, useful tips & tutorials – quality content related to anything I find wonderful.

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Sarang (Anirudh Khanna) - Author of WOW

I’m Sarang (aka Anirudh Khanna), the author and owner of the Wall of Wonders blog. I am fascinated with art, designing, literature, and yes, technology… Apart from computers & programming, I also love to draw, paint, read, write, travel and explore!

I started WOW as my personal weblog – my online home – where I post about wonderful design, ideas and inspirations.


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I have organized the posts in three major categories: GeneralFeatured and Portfolio. The General category holds the updates about this site or the author, the Featured category contains the interesting and creative things I share on the Wall and the Portfolio category showcases all the works created by me. Posts are tagged with associated keywords to indicate the topics.

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You can always contact me to send posts from your side, and if they appear good, they will be published on the Wall as Guest Posts.

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This site is powered by WordPress. I would like to thank all the sources of inspiration, especially Nick La, whose great inspiring works prompted me to get up and construct something like this site.


One thought on “Welcome to the Wall of Wonderful Things

  1. Hello Sarang , I liked the name of your page and the posts … hope to see many more inspirational posts from you …………. Best wishes always…….. 🙂

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