“WOW” Set of Illustrations

My new set of illustrations is now ready!

Being a color-lover, I have made floral design and the theme of illustration is based on this website – Wall of Wonders. Actually, I have designed this set keeping the cheerful spirit of the Wall of Wonders in mind… So, I’ve named the illustration set “WOW”.
This set has varied forms of art, from watercolor to pencil sketch.

I’m sharing the illustrations with you in this post…

(Click on an image to open it in full size.)

WOW-logo - Brushstrokes
WOW-logo - Cartoon
WOW-logo - Expressive Brushstrokes
Expressive Brushstrokes
WOW-logo - Oil Painting
Oil Painting
WOW-logo - Oil Pastel Sketch
Oil Pastel Sketch
WOW-logo - Painting Bilateral Filter1
Painting Bilateral Filter 1
WOW-logo - Painting Bilateral Filter2
Painting Bilateral Filter 2
WOW-logo - Painting Bilateral Filter3
Painting Bilateral Filter 3
WOW-logo - Painting Median+Bilateral Filter1
Painting Median+Bilateral Filter 1
WOW-logo - Painting Median+Bilateral Filter2
Painting Median+Bilateral Filter 2
WOW-logo - Pen Sketch
Pen Sketch
WOW-logo - Pencil Sketch Black1
Pencil Sketch Black 1
WOW-logo - Pencil Sketch Black2
Pencil Sketch Black 2
WOW-logo - Pencil Sketch Colored1
Pencil Sketch Colored 1
WOW-logo - Pencil Sketch Colored2
Pencil Sketch Colored 2
WOW-logo - Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Painting

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