Solve Windows Block-Ups

As a Microsoft Windows user, it is a common experience of facing erratic working environment sometimes. To say, some program hangs or some function stops responding abruptly. For a small instance, you can’t use the “safely remove” option for your flash memory…
Newly installed programs often ask to restart the computer to complete the installation, which is annoying when working.

But then, why lose your precious work and time in solving such issues. Let’s go through a simple way via this post…

Hold Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys and open the Windows Task Manager. (You can also type “taskmgr.exe” in the “Run” option under Start Menu if convenient.)

Click on the “Processes” tab. The various processes of your computer are listed here. Find the process named “explorer.exe”. Select it with a click and then click on the “End Process” button. If an alert window pops up to confirm, select “OK” or “End process” to end the process.

The process will end to leave a rather blank screen. The Task Manager may remain open. If not, open it by holding Ctrl + Alt + Delete and come to the “Applications” tab. Click on the “New Task” button and select “Browse” on the Create New Task alert window.

Browse through the way : My Computer, then C:, then Windows (folder), then select explorer.exe. Start the “explorer.exe” process to regain the working environment. (Typing “explorer.exe” in the textbox and running it can also do.)
Seems to have done the trick!

It works fine for me on Windows, and may work effectively many times for you too.


3 thoughts on “Solve Windows Block-Ups

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