Tech Trends and Ideas of the Era

Technology is one of the things I find truly fascinating. And perhaps you also do!
It, along with human imagination, has made it not-so-uncommon to visualize robots working like humans, cars flying like birds and jets racing like comets. Technology has started ruling even deeper areas… even more minute parts of our life now depend on tech. Actual technology is not just a skit of mouse to monitor, input to output, sitting beside the computer screen and getting up and leaving. It is an art of turning the best of your imagination into reality!

Today, tech tells us ‘what to do next’ at every pace, without any difference regarding the subjects-of-no-matter like age, place or status. The Time magazine called computers ‘Machine of the Year’ back in 1983… And now, there is much more to know after computers. We today keep eyes on nothing else but what miracle comes next from the tech world.
Even those who run away from tricky technology, it’s again technology who guides their every step. You just can’t get detached from it. Terms like noobs & geeks have gained many times more importance – describing a person on this basis has become a common practice.

What I have put in this post indicates some major technology trend or idea, and interestingly, all the headings represented here are just a little glance in the tech treasure :-). Let’s see…

Survival of the Geekiest →

Geek forever - Tech Trend
Geek forever – Tech Trend

Summing up the changes that have occurred to the world because of technology gives astonishing answers, ideas and prophecies. The world divided into two: geeks and non-techies. Many people regard technology one of the most important things today, after water and food! Some say that it seems, tech savvy people will rule!
Just over a decade ago, the term “geek” was used for an “awkward person”. Now, for most of us, the word is associated with Mark Zuckerberg or perhaps Bill Gates… i.e. an obsessive computer user! We would today proudly wear a T-shirt that proclaims, “The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth”, and it will be true as well. Why is it for sure? Because one look at the world around you will tell that technical skills and computer knowledge is essential to get anywhere in the world today. It also says that by “inherit” it means “control”, and by “control” it means “control the money”, of course.

The Magnificent Memory Mania →
A very lustrous element of the technological tree is digital memory… A place where you can put all your valuable data in various forms – just as you like it.
A flood of innovations has been there in the field, some of the recent-populars are the advanced devices like Blue-ray Disks (BD) and Solid State Drives (SSD), memory over the internet (Cloud Computing) and securing thousands of GBs in a type of bacteria. Yes, in an E. coli bacteria!
People want to take possession over the maximum amount of memory they can use because of the increasing quantities of data that a person is holding. I won’t be wrong to say that lives are turning digital now.

Such improvements are spreading not only in memories, but also in many many such areas, the list goes on and on.

The Cloud Capacity →
Development in the internet field has increased at a supersonic rate. Newest and more efficient developments like CSS3 and HTML5 etc. have made just everything possible. And now the net has taken shape of a place where all the functions of a computer system can be performed – online. This is the cloud power.
It is a very popular topic these days as cloud is already hovering over us. All the big-names are working for the cloud development and people are shifting at a great rate. The cloud, thus, gives a new home to all.
Cloud-based devices have started arriving in limelight; A well known example is the Chromebook by Google. It is famously a total-cloud gadget and a very capable one, of-course. Think, a complete operating system (Chrome OS) dedicated to cloud!
And yes, there is a heap of “web apps” waiting for the cloud volunteers to provide all facilities and perform all functions… So you don’t even have to bother installing any program on the system!

Social Networking →
How can I forget it when thinking of the big tech trends?
Surely, lives are turning digital. As a revolutionary trend, Social Networking is becoming better than any other means of communication. You must have heard of Facebook, Twitter or the new Google+ and Pinterest… They are the leaders of this revolution.
SN is the simple name of a system of interaction between people over the net. It is fast, cheap and reliable. Strengths of communication have increased many folds because of SN.
What else? Well, you are a millionaire if you own a big social networking site!

Replacing the PC →
The world has changed much – more work, more travel, less time and more is the need of portability. A static desktop is not convenient when we have to go simultaneously with the mission outdoor and also working on a computer – offline or online. Here comes the plus-point of notebooks (or laptops), netbooks, tabs and phones. They are slowly taking over the majority-crown of desktops. These cool gadgets are uber-perfect in functions like surfing the net, working everything effectively and accompanying you as a good & entertaining friend on the go.

Artificially Intelligent →
Artificial Intelligence is a term you have probably heard many times these days. When machines tend to think, behave and work like humans, i.e. they develop intelligence, it’s called Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

Working with a normal PC alone gives a view of the machine’s power of processing. What will happen if they are provided their own brain, IQ and heuristics? Surely something terrific, or terrible.

The most evolved, with AI - Tech Trend
The most evolved, with AI – Tech Trend

Dr. Ray Kurzweil, a US-based AI expert and a speech recognition pioneer, suggests that –
* By 2020, computers which have the same intelligence as the human brain will be available for $ 1000. We can talk to them, learn from them and exchange senses like touching and smelling.
* In another 10 years, machines will develop human-like “consciousness” and a PC can simulate the brainpower of 1000 human minds.
* By the end of 21st century, one computer will have billion times greater computing capacity than all humans on the earth.

Time will clarify how accurate are the sayings of the great mind. But yes, imagining the power and possibilities in AI just makes me go in wonderland!

Credit for excerpts: Digit (magazine)


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