“Vintage Phoenix” Sketch Set and the Design Process of the Abstract Phoenix

I thought that I should also share the design process of the Abstract Phoenix illustration and the things I got inspiration from while designing the artwork.

The basic idea emerged simply from the fact that I love phoenixes and from much time, I was thinking to draw one…
And so I started my search on lovable designs that may suit to it… And then, after some tit-bits of experiments, I finally made a fair paper-pencil sketch (the sketch is present with this post), added colors and gave final touches on the computer.

I’m presenting the sketch and the inspirational content that added to my illustration.

The hand-drawn sketch…

Abstract Phoenix Sketch
Abstract Phoenix Sketch

Here’s how I designed it…
The start: I found nice inspiration from various sources and things around me.

I have tried to make the background as infinite as the sky really is. And the color-combination always matters a lot… I have also used the scattering of sunlight and some lovely clouds with the sky background. A mix of vibrant colors balances the design throughout.
The sign at the heart of the phoenix is what I usually draw as my favorite symbol, and I call it the Sign of the Phoenix.

I also gave some final touches to the sketch (yes, some brushing with my computer to the handmade product) so that it now looks a “Vintage Phoenix Sketch Set” 🙂
(Click on an image to open it in full size.)

(You can see the actual Abstract Phoenix illustration here.)


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