At Limca Book of Records Quiz 2012

Limca Book of Records Quiz 2012Quizzes are one of the things I have always loved, and participating in them is just awesome! And I recently got a golden chance to participate in one of the biggest quizzes here – the Limca Book of Records Quiz 2012. The event was no less than an adventure… A mix of neat answers (along with some great guesses too :-)) and some fabulous coincidences – and that’s why I’m so enthusiastic for quizzes. We didn’t win, but still came fifth in the final round, and gloriously first in round-1 of the quiz.
The event was held about a week ago and it was based on general knowledge, but it wasn’t that easy thing…

Each team participating was of two members. About fifteen schools of our region, each school with many teams, were there in the magnificent auditorium, which was filled with light music before the beginning of the quiz… Three teams were sent from my school…
Firstly, there was a pen-paper round of 30 questions and six teams getting highest scores were to be selected for the on-stage quiz.

After the test, the whole auditorium was curiously waiting for the names of selected ones… And I was feeling a suppressed excitement, for I knew that this time, something was going to happen… (We had participated two years ago but were not qualified for final round.)

There were some questions we were discussing just before the quiz, a question on what I sometimes talk about with my mother and a question on my favorite topic – Harry Potter, to which, being a Harry Potter fan, I had the answer ready.

And then, to our utmost happy-surprise, the quiz-master announced that we were the highest scorers sitting there… And a moment later, we were on the stage with the other top-five teams. Now that’s a non-expressible feeling…

Up to the end, we were there for at least the third position, in fact there were good chances for us to come first! But then, we missed in the buzzer-round and in some time, the quiz ended with us at the fifth position.
Next time, if I get a chance to participate, I think, I will not be so satisfied merely by being selected for finals, but also try to make use of every opportunity which will lead us to winning a medal. Let’s hope for the best.

I am also presenting some questions of the first round which I’m able to recall now…

Q: In the Periodic Table of elements, this element is placed next to aluminium and is found in sand. Identify the element.
Ans: Silicon. (I knew sand has silicon and also, I have the Periodic Table at the tip of my tongue :-))

Q: In the famous Harry Potter books, what type of creature is Firenze?
Ans: Centaur.

Q: In a common computer program, what do we press to get help?
Ans: F1.

Q: Who is historically famous for throwing both light and heavy objects from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to prove that both light and heavy objects fall with the same speed and take the same time?
Ans: Galileo Galilei.

Q: “Reams” is a measuring unit of what?
Ans: Paper.

Q: The smallest mammal is from which group – rats, bats, or shrew?
Ans: Bats.

Q: What do you call a channel joining large water-bodies?
Ans: Strait.

There were some questions based on audio and visual identification, theater and sports too. The quiz was really fantastic and we had a great experience.


8 thoughts on “At Limca Book of Records Quiz 2012

    1. Another question that I can recall now is here…

      Q: What are you actually doing while you are pandiculating?
      Ans: Yawning and stretching.

      I will post more questions if I participate next year. However, you can find many questions on the internet. Good luck :-).

  1. These questions has helped me to know the pattern and level of questions.
    Tell me how to remember the answer of questions so as to keep them for longer period of time?

    1. It’s simple to just go through the important questions & answers and link the answers to some prominent thing in your life or nearby… When you listen to the question, you should recall that prominent thingy, and there lies your answer!

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