The Best in the State @ NCSC 2012

With my NCSC medalI always love taking part in creative events and competitions… But this time, it was an event I was really reluctant to get into – a science event – called the National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC). It is a school-level nationwide event. Children can form groups and participate in NCSC as a team. In NCSC, what the participants have to do is to ponder over a given concept, select a specific theme related to it, and prepare a project… A file should be created with introduction to the topic, content related to it, activities and case-studies done by the group-members, pictures and other media like presentations, videos etc.
There are various levels of the event: Nodal, District, State levels, and then the National finale.

Our school has participated in NCSC for the first time in 20 years. We five friends formed our group and participated from our school, with me as the group leader. My duty, as the leader, was to represent the topic and the project to the judges and the audience.

The focal theme of NCSC this year was “Energy: Conserve, Harness and Explore”. We selected the sub-theme “Energy and Our Environment” and prepared the project and charts by the end of October.
Here is our story from Nodal to National level…

@ The Nodal Level…

November 5th was the day for the Nodal level of the competition, and I was really hassled the night before, since I was to give all the presentation…
Gradually, the day arrived. On my turn, I did my best, and was very much relieved after the presentation! I was not bothered about the results. It was at night, when my friend and group-member called me to tell that we were selected for the District level. Half-sleepy, the first thing I thought then was the further preparations I had to do, and that too for a project I was reluctant to…

However, I happily did my efforts in designing and content of the file and the peripherals after I got a certificate for participating with our creation in the event, coincidentally the same day I got my “Certificate of Merit” for finest grades in class tenth. Now I was agog to crack the District level.
Out of twenty projects from our school, seven were selected for that level, one of the highest and astonishing numbers.

The Best in the District…

Celebrating with my friends
Celebrations: Varsha, I and Nikhil

It was 9th of November, when I was feeling a suppressed excitement as we journeyed to the outskirts of the city, to the great hall which was the event-place of District level competition. The hall accommodated nearly 300 people as the audience and a great, welcoming stage. There, just two minutes before the beginning, I was told by our escorts that our project has been recommended for the very first presentation so as to give an “ideal demonstration” of how to present the topic!
The great stage was all mine… It was perhaps my best presentation yet :-). Much happy and relieved after that, we had lots of fun all day long. And guess what, we got selected for the State level too! It was all that I wished that evening… Two of my group-members were at my home and we were celebrating heartily.

I eventually came to know that out of 45 projects that participated, total 5 projects were going for the State level event and 2 of them were from our school – again a glorious number.

The Best in the State…

The next level was from 21st to 23rd November at another city and only group leader had to go. The former President of the country and a great scientist was visiting the event too. Because of me being unwell, I could not grab the opportunity. One nice girl from our group went there as the new leader and I know she did very well, only because we were selected for the National level event :-)!

Yes, both of the groups from our school were now going for the Nationals, and we were immersed under a shower of praises and certificates. We each got a gold medal too.

The National summit is in December’s last week and I am actually not bothered for it at all… Because I know that all will be well in all cases… We have got much of what we really needed – experience and relics… Much more than we had expected.


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  1. Bro,what project u had made in 2012…
    I wanna talk to you…..
    So,please send your reply via e-mail.
    It’s very urgent to talk to u as soon as possible….
    Please reply….

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