New Illustration – The “Abstract Peacock”

Here comes another abstract illustration from me, the “Abstract Peacock”!

This artwork features a lot of things along with its central idea, the peacock… I gave the look of a ‘wall’ to this illustration so that the drawing looks like a graffiti. And then, the illustration is filled-up with small abstract wonders: the tiny Twitter-like birds, the floating clouds, the floral design, the flowering-branches and the large rainbow surrounding the peacock – all are parts of a lovely graffiti on the wall…
In addition, there are the note-papers & stickies with some cracks on the wall, just for fun :-).

This is a peacock, and like every other peacock, it’s colorful, it’s vibrant and it’s gorgeous.

Abstract Peacock Illustration
Abstract Peacock Illustration

Read on, I’m also sharing the story of its design process…
Sometimes, when you really want to create something good, you realize that you are unable to do so at that moment. I was with my sheet held blank and was rejecting each idea that came up… Then, flickering through the pages, I saw one of my old sketches and it gave me the inspiration for the peacock’s abstract wings and body. This is how the piece was started.

When the peacock’s sketch was completed, I started with the backgrounds. Firstly, I thought of a background filled with shrubs and plants, but the peacock was too abstract for that… Then, an old, antique paper-based background… But when the wall-based concept lit the lamp, I finalized it. The best part of it was that the abstract designs could fit well as a graffiti… It was soon added with a rainbow, bricks, cracks etc.

Special thanks to Twitter for inspiration!

Special thanks to Twitter!

The illustration is basically in watercolors, but plastic crayons can also be seen at many places… The branches in the top-left corner, the small blue birds, the bricks of the wall etc. were created later by crayons. Lastly, those colorful circles in the top portion were created by a cotton ball dipped in watercolor and the cracks were added by a black gel pen.

The magic of crayons & a black gel pen:

The magic of crayons & a black gel pen

Then I made its soft copy and corrected the illustration on the computer as possible. Now, the Abstract Peacock was ready to be shared on WOW. Enjoy.


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