Sanguis Gelidus

After Nick La (see this post), I am now featuring another inspirational artist, Jonas Jödicke, who works under the name Sanguis Gelidus (or SanguisGelidus).
He is one of those talented people, who have expertise in both paper as well as digital art. I recently got to see some of his best works on deviantART, and became a fan immediately… And after viewing this post, perhaps you will too!


What very firstly attracted me towards him was his “Spirits of the Seasons“, a set of four consecutive masterpieces, posing the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – each one symbolized by a majestic animal! See the seasons through the eyes of the Berlin-based artist:
(You may click on image to view in full size)

Spirits of the Seasons
Spirits of the Seasons: Deer portrays spring, autumn is as a fox, winter is the blue tiger & summer the lion king itself!

I’ve thought of making a separate post sharing these four beautiful illustrations in near future… But for now, let’s continue to see some more of the Sanguis style…


Jonas Jödicke is a young, adventurous artist & hobbyist in the sphere of digital art, and has a fabulous hand at traditional paper-paint form too. The name Sanguis Gelidus means “icy cold blood” in Latin.
One can catch Germany’s glowing gem on Facebook (for day-to-day updates), YouTube (for speedpaints/tutorials) and at Society6 (for online prints).


With no official website set up yet, Sanguis is most active on his deviantART profile where he has posted over 250 of his marvelous artworks, elating the hearts of more than 40,000 fans. Along with him, his two sisters, both good artists, are also spreading colors on deviantART.


Other than “Spirits of the Seasons“, I really enjoyed viewing the series of eye drawings by him… Here are two of the cool eye illustrations he has added to his gallery:

A Whole New World in Your Eyes
A Whole New World in Your Eyes

And here is the mystical artwork, “The Circle of Life“:

The Circle of Life
The Circle of Life

God of Evanescence“:

God of Evanescence
God of Evanescence
God of Evanescence - Sketch
God of Evanescence – Sketch

“God of Evanescence” is a character he fantasized back in 2011, about which Sanguis says, “The tiger is the holy God of Evanescence, which means, where he goes, there is life for a short time – in this case the strawberries on the ground of the forest. The strawberries are growing out of the tendrils that are coming from the touch of the tiger’s paw and the ground. Evanescence means leaving life, which happens with time, so the clock around the tiger’s neck also has a meaning.”

According to him, it is his most successful and popular piece till date…
“I would call this the first picture that really developed my own personal style. And it is one of my favorite pieces, even today! I submitted it to the Fotolia contest here on dA and it got the most popular of all entries over night. It was so exciting and overwhelming to read all the supportive comments and the picture is still among my most popular (most seen, most commented) pieces. It has also been my icon (on deviantART) ever since! Even though I didn’t win the contest, it still was the best decision to participate!”

The tiger is so popular that a lot of fanarts have been published since he has created the character! See this one by Sandara, another hobbyist on deviantART:

God of Evanescence - Fanart by Sandara
God of Evanescence – Fanart by Sandara

Even I’ve also tried my hands at a rough sketch of the mighty tiger :-D…

God of Evanescence - Fanart by me
God of Evanescence – Fanart by me

Yes, there are still more items on the list of his intriguing artworks, but the whole ocean can’t be filled in this single post :-)… He shares all his works on deviantART, where not only the pictures can be downloaded, but prints can also be purchased. Most of the talented artists like him seek popularity on their official websites or blogs, but what he wants more is respect and empathy in the worldwide art community, and so he gives more preference to deviantART. If you are a deviant, you will commit no mistake joining him for more of his magical illustrations.


6 thoughts on “Sanguis Gelidus

    1. @Bharti, thanks for appreciation… You are always welcome on the Wall…

      I like to share amazing things artistic people are creating worldwide. I even have provision for guest-posting on WOW :-).

  1. Thank you for that: the welcome and the effort you take to bring and share different artists here. I did check out this brilliant artist on deviantart, he is really good. look forward to discovering others here as well. And great idea on the guest-posting, will be fun to see who you get on board!

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