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Sometimes we have with us a piece of text and want it to be rated based on various aspects like spelling, grammar and originality… You might have written something yourself and needed a quick review. Many people just check the spelling and grammar of their content, using their office suite for automatic proofreading. But that is not enough to tell you exactly about the quality of your article. What if you need an analysis of how well something is written?
Today I will tell you about a popular online academic tool called PaperRater (available at, which gives a full analysis of the submitted text in a matter of seconds. The results range from spelling and grammar check to plagiarism status of the content. Plus, some quick suggestions on how you could write it better! The best thing about this service is that it is free to use.

PaperRater Home Page

PaperRater is a simple-yet-elegant free online text analyzer. But how PaperRater analyzes text? How PaperRater checks for plagiarism? What are the prominent features of PaperRater? Why should you use PaperRater? If you are curious to know more about before giving it a try, read on to get the details.

Introduction to PaperRater

As the name suggests, PaperRater is an automatic tool which analyzes your text content and rates it on different aspects. PaperRater reports about the possible spelling and grammar errors in the text, its originality, the style of writing etc. and gives a grade to your text. They allow 6 pages at once with roughly 300 words per page for free service. Of course, if your paper exceeds the limit, you can split it up into multiple submissions. (There is also a “premium service” available at that allows up to 15 pages and an ad-free experience.)

How PaperRater Works?

PaperRater is essentially based on Artificial Intelligence. It combines Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics and Data Mining to produce a powerful automated text analysis tool. It utilizes proprietary software running on a Linux-based operating system which they call Grendel.

Features of PaperRater

PaperRater is not just a normal text analysis program. It is an intelligent program with great features. One prominent perk is that you have an option to specify what type of content you are submitting for analysis, which means that PaperRater can intelligently differentiate between a blog article and a research paper! It asks about the “type of paper you are submitting” and keeps that in mind at the time of analysis. It makes the analysis more content-specific. The tool can separately recognize business correspondence, personal narrative, essay, thesis/dissertation, resume/CV, research paper, article, letter/email, book report, speech/presentation and various other types.

Moreover, you select the education level of the author of the submitted material so that PaperRater analyses it according to the caliber of the writer. Education levels from 1st grade to Doctorate can be specified while submitting on PaperRater. The dialect (British or American) is also specified.

Do You Need PaperRater?

No matter in which field you are working, your documents are always expected to be standard and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Proof-reading your content is a practice that makes you a better writer and so, it should actually be a habit. Similarly, the originality of your document is an important aspect which cannot be neglected. A number of schools and universities in over 46 countries use PaperRater to improve the writing skills of their students and to check plagiarism. PaperRater’s Blog contains amazing information about language and writing practices, hence it proves to be another precious resource for writers. PaperRater is both free and efficient, and has some very interesting features you should look at; so don’t forget to give it a try when you prepare your next speech or presentation :-).


2 thoughts on “PaperRater – Free Online Text Analysis Tool

  1. have you used it:? is it good for the computer? some of these software mess up the computer.

    I once was looking for editing tools on internet their price is scary! they charge a steep amount of money and you have to renew it every year.

    1. Yes, I regularly use PaperRater… It’s a really nice tool when it comes to proofreading or plagiarism checking.

      Don’t worry about it interfering with your computer as it is a completely online tool – you don’t need to install PaperRater on your computer. Just go to and use its services for free. That is why I like it so much! It is accessible from any computer with an internet connection and has nothing to do with your own system’s resources.

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