Working on the “Abstract Elephant” Illustration – Some Sketches

I am currently working on a new illustration, the “Abstract Elephant”, and its underlying sketch is presented here in this post.

The core concept is an abstract elephant head with minimal, but beautiful design elements and a rather plain background (unlike most of my works, I admit)… Still, the subject looks quite vivid and versatile. As the elephant’s sketch is now ready, I have prepared the pencil-work to show on the blog!

Abstract Elephant Artwork  - In the Making
The Abstract Elephant – Work in progress

I am using mainly watercolors for painting the Abstract Elephant, and some color pencils for touch-up.
(Update: The “Abstract Elephant” Illustration Set is now ready!)

The outline →

Abstract Elephant Sketch Outline
Outline of the Abstract Elephant illustration

Made with some editing, here comes a black & white shaded sketch of the mighty animal. And from the pencil outline, I have also created a vintage-looking Abstract Elephant wallpaper for my readers! Have a look…

The pencil shaded sketch →

Abstract Elephant Pencil Sketch Effect
Abstract Elephant Pencil Shaded Sketch

And the vintage Abstract Elephant, as promised. Enjoy!

Abstract Elephant Vintage Artwork
Abstract Elephant Vintage Artwork

(Also see: The final artwork, “Abstract Elephant” Illustration Set.)


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