Beautiful Animal Artworks by Katy Lipscomb (Lucky978)

Katy Lipscomb (DeviantArt: Lucky978) is an amazing artist who loves playing with colors. She lives in the United States and devotes her full time to art. Stunning design and vibrant colors make her illustrations a feast for the eyes.
I was amazed to see the graceful animal drawings by her and decided to showcase some of the work here. (You can see all of her artworks on her deviantArt profile and her Facebook page. She also has an online store at Storenvy.)

Artworks by Katy
Artworks by Katy

Watercolors and color pencils are prominently used in these artworks. Here are some beautiful animals by Katy Lipscomb.

Patreon support by lucky978

Rainbow bird by lucky978

Mockingjay by lucky978

Unicorn by lucky978

Raven by lucky978

Jaguar by lucky978

Elephant ii by lucky978

Scorpio by lucky978

Owl by lucky978

Hummingbird by lucky978

Kingfisher by lucky978

Stag by lucky978

Sweet dreams by lucky978

Art 118 by lucky978

Spirit tiger by lucky978

Peacock dragon by lucky978

Phantom commission by lucky978

Humpback whale by lucky978

King of diamonds by lucky978

Dragon and wolf splash on ebay by lucky978

Corgi commission by lucky978

Protector by lucky978

Jellyfish by lucky978

Phoenix head design by lucky978

Phoenix and wolf by lucky978


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