Abstract Lord Krishna Painting

I recently created an abstract Lord Krishna painting in watercolor. With the graceful Hindu deity playing flute at the center, a glowing sky-ish background completes the illustration.

This one is inspired by a very beautiful line art of Lord Krishna I saw, which is also given below. I was instigated by the design and immediately decided to work upon it as a painting.

“Krishna (Sanskrit: कृष्ण) is considered the supreme deity, worshipped across many traditions of Hinduism in a variety of different perspectives. He is recognized as the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu, and one and the same as Lord Vishnu one of the trimurti and as the supreme god in his own right.”

– Wikipedia

Abstract Lord Krishna Watercolor Painting
Abstract Lord Krishna Watercolor Painting

Credit to this brilliant abstract design of Lord Krishna for inspiration →

Lord Krishna Design - Credit

(Update: I have also made a post about the design process of this artwork.)

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