Design Process: How I Made the Abstract Lord Krishna Painting

I recently posted here my new painting, the Abstract Lord Krishna. I am glad that it is being liked by lots! Now I am sharing the design process of the artwork…

Being a rather simple design, it did not take much time – it was completed in a span two days, collectively an effort of about 8 hours. But maintaining crispness of the lines and not losing the overall juice of the theme was bit challenging. As I have previously mentioned, I was actually inspired to draw it from a picture of the deity which made impressive use of line strokes to draw Lord Krishna (image attached in this post).

The final painting looks like this:

Abstract Lord Krishna Watercolor Painting
Abstract Lord Krishna Painting

So here is how I painted the Lord Krishna artwork…

The Concept Sketch

I quickly made a sketch based on the reference abstract design and opened my colors!

Abstract Lord Krishna - The concept sketch
Abstract Lord Krishna – The sketch
Lord Krishna Design - Credit
Credit to this lovely image

The Background Elements

After applying a color layer on the subject, I thought about the rest of the page. I settled for a sky-ish background with clouds and emerging sun-rays.

Abstract Lord Krishna - Painting the subject
Painting the subject
Abstract Lord Krishna - Background 1
Background theme
Abstract Lord Krishna - Background 2
Background theme

Further Improvements in the Design

Then I made some more developments in the painting, like blending the main subject with the background, and making the peacock feather more appealing. I also added some new elements to the Lord Krishna design: the sect-mark (tilak) on Krishna’s forehead and the flowing garland of beads (vaijyanti mala).

Abstract Lord Krishna - Tilak
Enhancing the design
Abstract Lord Krishna - Garland
Enhancing the design

Fading into Colors

I also maintained the fading and blending effect throughout the illustration.

Abstract Lord Krishna - Fading and blending
The fading style makes the subject match the background

The Final Artwork

Abstract Lord Krishna Watercolor Painting
The result of the 8 hour long process

Lord Krishna Abstract Line Design

Remember the reference image behind this artwork? I also made a similar looking line-design version of my painting on the computer :-).

Abstract Lord Krishna Line Design - by Sarang
Lord Krishna line artwork

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