Blule: Where Big Color Splashes Become Clever Superhero Paintings

Clémentine is a French illustrator living in Sydney, and her art style is characterized by watercolor splashes ingeniously turning into pop culture figures, movie characters or superheroes. Blule is, as she says on her website, her brand for everything illustration – her “superhero mask”. She studied Fine Arts and then Industrial Design in Paris, France. She has also worked as an Industrial Designer for Fila, L’Oréal and many others.

Batman watercolor painting - Blule

Inspired by the things that move or excite her, she makes a painting each day and shares it with the world. You can catch her on Instagram, Facebook and her website. She paints a lot of things, and I especially find her superhero paintings truly amazing and different. Here are some of them…

Superman watercolor painting - Blule

The Batman watercolor painting - Blule

Wonder Woman watercolor painting - Blule

The Flash watercolor painting - Blule

The Hulk watercolor painting - Blule

Captain America watercolor painting - Blule

Thor watercolor painting - Blule

Goku watercolor painting - Blule

Superman watercolor painting 2 - Blule


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