“Dasavatar” – Digital Illustration Set by Shajin Paikath

“Dasavatar” is a series of artworks designed by Shajin Paikath (catch him on Behance) which shows the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu – different incarnations that take the form of divine intervention provided by Vishnu during the various stages of human evolution. The Dasavatar (ten avatars) are meant to re-establish dharma (righteousness) and destroy tyranny and injustice on earth.

These illustrations of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu feature minimal, mindful design leading to splendid results! I am sharing some of the artworks here. (You can see the complete set on Behance.)

Narasimha Avatar - Art by Shajin
Narasimha Avatar – Art by Shajin

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Some Posters of BBC Sherlock Quotes

I have made some cool posters of Sherlock quotes by editing my BBC Sherlock artwork which I posted recently.

Clever quotations are one of the things that I find best about the Sherlock series, so I thought why not share some of them?

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Digital Art by SanguisGelidus (Jonas Jödicke)

Long ago, I made a post about the Berlin-based artist Jonas Jödicke (aka SanguisGelidus). He creates both traditional and digital art themed mainly on fantasy and fiction.
Today I am going to share some gorgeous digital artworks created by him.

(Find more on DeviantArt, Facebook and Instagram.)

Alice in wonderland - Digital art by SanguisGelidus
Alice in wonderland

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Witty Illustrations Portray the Two Kinds of People in the World

Do you always complete your Sudoku puzzle or get things messed up in the end? How about dog-earing a book page rather than using a bookmark? Based on such little things, people can be classified into two different types. 2 Kinds of People is a clever blog which posts illustrations about these situations and shows the simple yet wildly different ways of doing things. These illustrations are the work of a Lisbon-based art director, João Rocha, who tweets from the handle @inoffensive.

As the site so accurately describes, “There are only 2 kinds of people in this world, those that find this blog hilarious and those that have no sense of humor whatsoever.”

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“Cup of Love” Illustration by Archan Nair

“Cup of Love” is another lovely abstract artwork by Archan Nair (I shared his work in the previous post). Archan Nair is a professional artist from New Delhi, India. You can see his portfolio here.

I really like this cup exploding with beautiful colors! Hope you like the art.

Cup of Love by Archan Nair
Cup of Love by Archan Nair

“Peacock Dance” – Digital Artwork by Archan Nair

I am sharing a vibrant illustration designed by Archan Nair, called “Peacock Dance”. I found Archan’s work on DeviantArt and realised its great beauty. He is a renowned visual artist, art director and illustrator. “Peacock Dance” is one of his most amusing works. It is a cute amalgamation of vibrant colors and ideas… A really nice, unconventional peacock!

Peacock Dance by Archan Nair
Peacock Dance by Archan Nair

About Archan Nair →

Archan Nair is a self-developed visual artist, illustrator and art director, specializing in mixed media, illustration, and digital art (visit his website and his DeviantArt profile). He is inspired by various phases and forms of life to create highly intricate works that connect the various dimensions of our existence. Archan started painting in 2006 (he was formerly a fashion major and entrepreneur) and made the shift to independent artist in 2007. He has collaborated with various companies and individuals around the world such as Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, Sony etc. Archan has been featured in various publications including Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop, GQ, Bak, Vanity Fair.