My Latest Project – A Note-Taking Web App

It has been a long time since I updated the Wall. As usual, I was quite busy with college work and my new project, called ng-notes. It is a comprehensive web app for taking notes and quickly capturing what is on your mind – ideas, pictures, lists and more.

ng-notes Project

Use the app | View code on GitHub

It has a simple, clutter-free interface that can keep you focussed on your work. Moreover, this app is friends with all your devices. Just write a note once, and access it from anywhere on any device – be it your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It is loaded with all the features we crave in a notes app – attach images and files with a note, format text, dictate notes and insert emoji on the tap of a button.

ng-notes Screenshots

The inspiration behind its design is Google Keep, which my favorite note-taking app out there.​​​​​​​​

ng-notes Display PosterI have built ng-notes with MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js). The UX is largely based on AngularJS, hence the name ng-notes. 🙂

The project was started in January this year as a practice of my Web Development classes, but it grew exponentially. Now, after hundreds of GitHub commits, it has finally taken the shape of a decent notes app. It was also displayed in my college during projects display this semester.​​​​

I have deployed it on Heroku and you can use it at In fact, I am writing this post in my ng-notes account itself and believe me, it feels awesome! 😉


How I Spent the Christmas of 2016

About a month ago, in November, just before the end-term exams, our batch was told that this winter, extra classes will be scheduled for us and the winter break (earlier scheduled from December 25th onwards) has been postponed till December 31st. Being a hosteler, this meant I had to stay in the college during the beautiful holiday season… The thought was disheartening.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Comic

Well, here is a brief account of how my days went by. Continue reading

Won the Unisys Campus Connect Tech Masters Quiz

Unisys recently conducted the Tech Masters Quiz contest in our college on November 22, and I am glad to say that our team bagged the first position. The quiz had questions related to the field of Information Technology. I and my teammate, Ajay, got merit certificates and gift voucher from Amazon worth 5000 INR.

Unisys Tech Masters Quiz - Our Team
Me and Ajay after the contest

The quiz was held in two rounds – preliminary written round followed by the finals. Our team was announced to be the highest scorer in the preliminary round (23 out of 25 questions correct). We went on stage with high hopes for the final round, along with seven other teams.

After a lot of intriguing questions from various topics (computer security, web design, programming, networking, and so on), we again emerged as the top scorers.

Unisys Tech Masters Quiz - Certificate and Prize
Certificate and Prize

I have always found myself concerned about technical trivia and it paid lot that day! It was an awesome experience.

10k Apart Contest 2016: Building a Website Under 10KB

There is a very interesting web design contest going on online, called 10k Apart. It puts emphasis on building a website “optimizing every little byte like your life depends on it and ensuring your site can work, no matter what”. Their challenge is to build such an optimized site that your pages load under 10KB size limit! The contest is open till September 30th.

I have participated in the contest and my entry is just as “random” as it gets – it is about randomness! It’s a quite minimally designed, single-page website made with HTML5, CSS3 and some JavaScript, and shows that you can build a pretty site with pretty simple code! It has got some optimization hacks too, like optimized URLs, use of character entities as icons and so on. Very little JS is used with fallback options. Total cost: 7.02 KB. 😀

10k Apart 2016 - My entry "random"

Visit the site | View source on GitHub

Paper Published in IEEE CICN 2015

Last year, my paper on Anatomy and Utilities of an Artificial Intelligence Conversational Entity was selected in CICN (International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks) 2015 and after a long editing process, it has finally been published in the IEEE Xplore Library (here).

Really glad to see my name in the IEEE publication. 🙂

Paper Selected in Springer ICACIE 2016

I’m happy to announce that my research paper, Designing Natural Language Processing Systems with QuickScript as a Platform, has been accepted in the International Conference on Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering (ICACIE) 2016.

I, along with three of my friends, have written the paper discussing about the QuickScript Project (which we have developed) and its usage in creating natural language systems. Proceedings of the conference will be published in the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC) series of Springer.

Working on Some Exciting New Projects

It has been a while since I updated the Wall. Actually, I have been really busy in engineering life lately – working on one project after another. I think it’s time to write something about my recent endeavors here on the blog.

Working on some awesome projects!

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Paper Accepted in ICGCET 2015, Dubai

After successfully presenting my paper at WECON 2015 back in March, I completed another paper I was working on, entitled A Rediscovery of Machine Intelligence which discusses the current approaches towards Artificial Intelligence along with their limitations and proposes a new theory of machine intelligence based upon the fundamental traits of natural intelligence. The paper has been accepted in the International Conference on Green Computing and Engineering Technology (ICGCET) 2015. It will be held on 25th and 26th of July in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai, UAE

The main objective of ICGCET ’15 is to present the research from different areas of electronics and information technology. The accepted papers will be published in SCOPUS Index Journal and various other publications. I am obliged to be a part of this conference.

At WECON 2015 Conference

Attending WECON 2015In the previous post, I wrote about the selection of my research paper in WECON 2015, which is an international conference on wireless networks and embedded systems.

I attended the event on 20th and 21st and it was amazing: A lot of inspiring keynote talks by industry leaders, innovative paper presentations, poster presentations, technical exhibits and what not! Five workshops focusing in the areas of embedded systems design, importance of analog in embedded system design, popular open-source embedded platforms and Cadence design suite were also offered during WECON ’15. I readily attended the hands-on workshop on Arduino and Intel Galileo platforms and had fun with them, as I am developing an Arduino-based project currently.

Conclusion: It was a really very nice event. I will remember my lovely time in WECON 2015.

Research Paper Selected for Presentation in WECON 2015

Hello all! I am happily and constantly engaged in gaining knowledge and having fun here in the college. Today, I am glad to announce that my research paper on Harnessing Stray Energy from Computer Networks has been accepted for presentation in WECON 2015 – The 4th Edition of International Conference on Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems. I will be attending the conference as an author on 20th and 21st of this month.

🙂 I hope everything goes well. Love this moment.