5 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

reasons-why-i-love-blogging-iconIt has been years since I set foot in the blogging world and I still find it equally interesting and lovable. In fact, I consider blogging to be one of the most productive tasks I do online. I started Wall of Wonders in 2012 and since then, this blog has flourished and has taken me along in its growth.

Whether you post regularly or randomly, with research or just freshly out of your mind, blogging can be a really fruitful penchant for you! So here are the top 5 reasons why I love blogging so much and why you should start your own blog right now.

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Designer Problems: Hilarious Comic Portraying Everyday Problems Faced by Designers

designer-problems-comic-by-creative-market-icon#DesignerProblems comics (by Creative Market) show the weird problems designers face everyday. Written and illustrated by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes, they depict the various sides of life in the designer zone – be it the dilemma of choosing a good font or satisfying crazy requests from the client, they cover it all in a way which is both clever and funny.

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Harry Potter Themed Christmas Tree Decorated by Kathryn Burnett Creates Magic

If you love Harry Potter and Christmas, please stop what you’re doing and behold this magical tree. Kathryn Burnett (from Seaham, England) has decorated this Xmas tree with various Harry Potter ornaments and paraphernalia.

Harry Potter Themed Christmas Tree by Kathryn Burnett - 1

The tree is covered in Harry Potter decorations, ranging from the Hogwarts trunk under the tree, all the way up to the Sorting Hat with a Cornish pixie on top. Here are some pictures… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why I Love Art and Painting

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably know that I am learning software programming and stuff. Most people who know me take me as a nerd because of a number of reasons: I am good in studies, I type even my blog posts in IDE (it’s where you write program code) and maybe because I often say “Hello” as print(“Hello”) (Is that bad?).
Now don’t judge me too harshly; even a guy like me has creative hobbies – one of them is art, drawing & painting – and that’s what Wall of Wonders is all about. So why not today I share with you all, the top five reasons for which I love art so much! Continue reading

PaperRater – Free Online Text Analysis Tool

Sometimes we have with us a piece of text and want it to be rated based on various aspects like spelling, grammar and originality… You might have written something yourself and needed a quick review. Many people just check the spelling and grammar of their content, using their office suite for automatic proofreading. But that is not enough to tell you exactly about the quality of your article. What if you need an analysis of how well something is written?
Today I will tell you about a popular online academic tool called PaperRater (available at www.PaperRater.com), which gives a full analysis of the submitted text in a matter of seconds. The results range from spelling and grammar check to plagiarism status of the content. Plus, some quick suggestions on how you could write it better! The best thing about this service is that it is free to use.

PaperRater Home Page

PaperRater is a simple-yet-elegant free online text analyzer. But how PaperRater analyzes text? How PaperRater checks for plagiarism? What are the prominent features of PaperRater? Why should you use PaperRater? If you are curious to know more about PaperRater.com before giving it a try, read on to get the details. Continue reading

“Art in My Coffee” – A Site Dedicated to Latte Art Worldwide

I love coffee, and latte art too. Latte art or coffee art is described in Wikipedia as:
“Latte art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of resulting latte.”

And I recently noticed a website named Art in My Coffee which features latte art from around the world. Anyone can post a picture of his cup, if it is a feast for the eyes.

Art in My Coffee - Screenshot

20 Awesome Pictures on Christmas Decorations

Sorry for being so late… I couldn’t come up with any good post for such a long time on WOW, for I was (& I still am) tightly busy in studies for my XII class board exams. Yet, I’ve managed to gather some delicious stuff for Christmas!

Who doesn’t like a perfectly decorated room on Christmas? So here are twenty pictures from my collection of really lovable Xmas decorations… (Collected these while browsing the internet in recent times.)

Christmas Decorations Picture 1

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