Whimsical Photographs of Everyday Objects by Peechaya Burroughs

Photographer Peechaya Burroughs captures utmost beauty in small things. Through the lens of this unique Australian artist, food items are transformed into creative material, origami is magically brought to life and little things which we overlook become remarkable work of art. No matter what the concept, each photo proves the imaginative ability of this talented lady.

She states on her website that her works are driven by childhood memories and very much fascinated by children’s imagination and their quirkiness. Her photographs mainly consist of things that she creates or manipulates by hand and she occasionally employs Photoshop for enhancing the idea.

You can see more on her website, Behance and Instagram. Here are some of the whimsical photographs from Peechaya Burroughs.

Peechaya Burroughs Photography 1 Continue reading

The Farm Near My College

Neighboring our college, there is a farm which is visible from the balcony, our dorm rooms as well as from the passage that leads to our hostel building.
Instead of rejoicing the fact that we get to get some fresh air, we actually don’t quite like this cropland – mainly because of the continuous samples of some never-seen-before kind of insects it provides. We programmers have always had an intense dislike for bugs!

But let’s admit it… The farm looks very pleasing when you look at it, walking towards the hostel after the college is over for the day. I thought to share some snapshots in this post… Continue reading

A Photograph of the Vivid Colors of Life

I am quite lucky that my university is a beautiful place with lush green environment in the campus. Because of this, I love to take those little morning (or sometimes evening) walks around and keep clicking snapshots of the lovely views that catch my eye.

Here is one such photograph I took on some bright Sunday morning, showing the vivid colors of life!

The Vivid Colors of Life - Photograph
The Vivid Colors of Life – Photograph

Colorful Lamp at a Shop in Delhi

I photographed this beautiful lamp at a small shop in New Delhi, the capital city of India, when I went there in 2013. This ethnic piece I found when I was on my way going through all the interesting shops in a busy Delhi market – the Palika Bazaar.

Delhi is a vibrant city with its own colors and essence. I really hope to relish some more fascinating trips to the charming place!

Colorful Lamp at a Shop in Delhi
Beautiful ethnic lamp (photographed at a shop in Delhi)

Bags by My Mother’s Machine – Photographs

Logo of Cotton ConceptMy mother has a very good hand at making bags… Cloth bags of different designs and colors… She creates them at her workshop named Cotton Concept, and sells them thereafter.
I find them very beautiful and inspiring, with cool prints coming up with each bag. Hence, I thought to click some snapshots and share them on the Wall.

Here is a collection through my camera… Continue reading