“Is There a Santa Claus?” – A Poem by Me

On this gorgeous day of Christmas, I am posting here a poem on Santa Claus that I wrote last year… The poem is themed on the existence of the legendary figure – Santa Claus, and it is named “Is There a Santa Claus?” – A question that arises in a child’s heart, which she asks to the world.

The poem is based on an editorial which appeared in The (New York) Sun on September 21, 1897. Its author was Francis Pharcellus Church. However, some changes are made in the poem with respect to the original article. The child is named Rose and the incident is set in an imaginary city called the Sun City.

The editorial, which included the famous reply “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”, has become an indelible part of popular Christmas folklore. A copy of the original article is also included in the post.

Here comes the poem →


One fine day, in the Sun City May,
A little child Rose, rose with dismay –
“Dear people, hi… I am eight years old,
No lust for silver or glitter or gold…
Just one curiosity at the core of my heart,
Please answer me, with the most truthful art…

“I and Johnny were talking with glee
Of the church, the candles and the Christmas tree…
And then my friend made all joy flee
And so said my most intelligent friends
To murder the spirit of Christmas trends…

“The schoolbook says to make a voting
Whenever you have the opinions floating…
That’s a question from the core of my heart,
Please answer me, with the most truthful art…”

The world thought for a minute or two
But nobody came to offer a clue…
All the countries were at a pause
To the easiest-hardest question – Is there a Santa Claus? Continue reading

“Halloween Midnight” – A Poem on Halloween

Hello all! Here’s yet another creation by me – A simple poem, “Halloween Midnight”, on the goose-bumping occasion of Halloween… The poem themes a mysterious event that took place on the midnight of Halloween…

Read and enjoy the illustration attached (I got the illustration while surfing the internet and found it wonderful). And yes, happy Halloween! 🙂

Halloween Night Illustration


The Halloween of a tiny town,
When there’s a magic in the night…
Come both fear and wondrous joy,
When pumpkins glow with candle light…

It was the middle of midnight,
When, surely, light was sleeping too…
A moonless yet a starry night,
With darkness shining in the view…

I wonder how I did wake up,
And thought to see the starry skies…
I paced up towards the balcony,
With sleep still filled in my eyes… Continue reading

“DesIdeCon” – A Short Poem by Me

DesIdeCon – expanding for Design, Ideas, Content – is a short poetry scribbled by me some time ago, after I gradually learnt that every inspirational project has got to combine a few essential facts to become a hit. This is the very theme of my poem.

And the three miraculous factors are:

Design, which strikes the observer at the first glance, which can help you creatively express without words;

Ideas, which inspire you to make a start, which come alive when you believe in them;

Content, which acts like molten gold filled in a silver container, gives a filling to your framework.

And here is the poem (I’ve also added some illustrations I made for it :-))… Continue reading