Lord Ganesha Colored Pencil Artwork

lord-ganesha-colored-pencil-sketch-illustration-iconI made this abstract sketch in the first year of college and wanted to share it on the Wall for quite some time…
Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश, Gaṇeśa), also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is the Hindu deity of wisdom and the remover of all obstacles. Here is my sketch.

Lord Ganesha Colored Pencil Art by Sarang

The artwork is inspired by a beautiful painting of Lord Ganesha by Rupa Prakash.
The abstract Ganesha painting which inspired the art →

Lord Ganesh by Rupa Prakash - Credit
Lord Ganesh by Rupa Prakash – Credit

“The Tree of Life” Colored Pencil Artwork

the-tree-of-life-illustration-icon“The Tree of Life” is a colored pencil art I created in my 1st year at college (in 2014). It was inspired by a very similar artwork of another artist, which I saw while browsing on DeviantArt.

To me, the concept appears to be very much alike life itself – a burst of colors perpetually swirling and dispersing into everything. 🙂

The Tree of Life - Abstract Sketch on My Drawing Book

The Tree of Life - Abstract Sketch Colored Pencils

Sherlock TV Series Artwork

Here comes a pencil color artwork of “Sherlock” (the BBC TV series). I completed this one a while ago and it portrays our very beloved master of deduction, the world’s only “consulting detective”, Sherlock Holmes.

I just love the series and I believe Benedict Cumberbatch has played the character really well! Waiting to see some more of Sherlock’s brilliance in Season 4. 🙂

(Also see: Some posters of BBC Sherlock quotes, which I created by editing this drawing on my PC.)

Sherlock BBC Pencil Color Art by Sarang - 1 Continue reading

2 Colored Pencil Artworks – “The Lion” and “The Phoenix”

I was going through some old drawings of mine and found these two illustrations I made a year ago – “The Lion” and “The Phoenix”. Both artworks are made entirely with color pencils and are a vibrant mix of colors with some abstract creativity.

The Lion is an amalgamation of bright, vivid designs resulting in a lion’s head gleaming with pride. The Phoenix illustration has an equally vivacious phoenix flapping its magnificent wings. One is the king of land and the other the prince of skies! Here are the artworks:

The Lion - Colored Pencil Artwork by Sarang
The Lion – Colored Pencil Artwork
The Phoenix - Colored Pencil Artwork by Sarang
The Phoenix – Colored Pencil Artwork

The Lion and The Phoenix Artworks

Working on the “Abstract Elephant” Illustration – Some Sketches

I am currently working on a new illustration, the “Abstract Elephant”, and its underlying sketch is presented here in this post.

The core concept is an abstract elephant head with minimal, but beautiful design elements and a rather plain background (unlike most of my works, I admit)… Still, the subject looks quite vivid and versatile. As the elephant’s sketch is now ready, I have prepared the pencil-work to show on the blog!

Abstract Elephant Artwork  - In the Making
The Abstract Elephant – Work in progress

I am using mainly watercolors for painting the Abstract Elephant, and some color pencils for touch-up.
(Update: The “Abstract Elephant” Illustration Set is now ready!)

The outline →

Abstract Elephant Sketch Outline
Outline of the Abstract Elephant illustration

Made with some editing, here comes a black & white shaded sketch of the mighty animal. And from the pencil outline, I have also created a vintage-looking Abstract Elephant wallpaper for my readers! Have a look… Continue reading

“Avis” – A Crayon Sketch Illustration

I have made another bird illustration, and here it is… “Avis” themes a simple, cute bird perching on a branch at the seaside (you may think of a distant island) and looking at the sea, as vast as the sky… The black branches and tree leaves made by spiral crayon strokes add to the effect.

Here is the vibrant crayon sketch →
(Click to view full size)

Avis Sketch Illustration
Avis Sketch

There are some more formats of this sketch too… Continue reading

“Vintage Phoenix” Sketch Set and the Design Process of the Abstract Phoenix

I thought that I should also share the design process of the Abstract Phoenix illustration and the things I got inspiration from while designing the artwork.

The basic idea emerged simply from the fact that I love phoenixes and from much time, I was thinking to draw one…
And so I started my search on lovable designs that may suit to it… And then, after some tit-bits of experiments, I finally made a fair paper-pencil sketch (the sketch is present with this post), added colors and gave final touches on the computer.

I’m presenting the sketch and the inspirational content that added to my illustration.

The hand-drawn sketch…

Abstract Phoenix Sketch
Abstract Phoenix Sketch

Here’s how I designed it… Continue reading