Sanguis Gelidus

After Nick La (see this post), I am now featuring another inspirational artist, Jonas Jödicke, who works under the name Sanguis Gelidus (or SanguisGelidus).
He is one of those talented people, who have expertise in both paper as well as digital art. I recently got to see some of his best works on deviantART, and became a fan immediately… And after viewing this post, perhaps you will too!


What very firstly attracted me towards him was his “Spirits of the Seasons“, a set of four consecutive masterpieces, posing the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – each one symbolized by a majestic animal! See the seasons through the eyes of the Berlin-based artist:
(You may click on image to view in full size)

Spirits of the Seasons
Spirits of the Seasons: Deer portrays spring, autumn is as a fox, winter is the blue tiger & summer the lion king itself!

I’ve thought of making a separate post sharing these four beautiful illustrations in near future… But for now, let’s continue to see some more of the Sanguis style… Continue reading


Nick La

Today, I am going to discuss about a very rich source of inspiration which can positively affect anyone’s creativity. Nick La, who is a Toronto-based freelance web designer and illustrator, is one of the most admirable professionals in his field. He has created some very beautiful illustrations and moreover, he perfectly integrates his artworks in his web-works. And that’s why his websites are not only rich in content, but also world-class in design. You can see his website Web Designer Wall, which is one of the best web design blogs out there, and has a finger-licking design. Here is a screenshot:

Web Designer Wall - Screenshot
Web Designer Wall – Screenshot

Followed by thousands, he can be traced on twitter (@nickla).
Here is in detail about Nick La… Continue reading