How to Lock a Folder Using Notepad

Sometimes, there is a need for hiding some data files in a computer system… Moreover, to “lock” a folder with data inside it.
Here, I’m going to share a nice and handy trick (for Windows OS) to do the same. It is actually a code snippet for a batch file that can be composed on Notepad easily. Technically, this is a way to change the folder’s attributes for “hiding” it and then changing them back to normal when needed.
I have compiled two ways of doing it, the ones I find convenient and working… Continue reading


Renaming “My Computer” in Microsoft Windows

Posting after a long time, I’m here with a tiny, little trick to change the name of “My Computer” in your Windows PC.

We have to open the Registry Editor for this purpose… Click on Start Button and type “regedit” or “regedit.exe” under the “Run” option to open Registry Editor program. You may also get it by making a search for “regedit.exe”.
It is actually in the drive having Windows (which is generally C:), placed as C:\Windows\regedit.exe, which would be easiest to find.

Once the program is open, navigate through this route:

Then double-click on “Default” placed on the right side of the editor. In the “Value Data” field enter the desired name you wish to give, for e.g. “Phoenix”. Confirm the entry and close the editor. (You may have to restart the computer to see the changed name.) Enjoy the results :-).

(Note that this change is applicable only for the currently logged on user. If you wish to rename the “My Computer” for other users as well, you must log in from the relevant user account and go through the same process to change the name.)

God-Mode in Windows

Want to get all control of your Windows OS at one place? It is really amazing and convenient to find every setting, tool, option etc. at your hands by a simple trick, which is called “GodMode”.
The given trick works on Windows Vista, 7 and I’ve successfully made it on Windows 8 (32-bit versions) too. With this, you can get all the Windows control options and settings present at a single place. So, you become the ‘God’ of your Operating System.

Here are the simple steps →

  • Create a New Folder anywhere you want the GodMode icon to be.
  • Rename the folder carefully to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and save.
    (However, the name “GodMode” can be any other name also, but the text after it has to be exactly same, because it is the extension of the GodMode file.)
  • You’ll see that the folder icon changes automatically.
  • Congratulations, the folder has changed into a magic box! Open it and work with the GodMode customization.

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Solve Windows Block-Ups

As a Microsoft Windows user, it is a common experience of facing erratic working environment sometimes. To say, some program hangs or some function stops responding abruptly. For a small instance, you can’t use the “safely remove” option for your flash memory…
Newly installed programs often ask to restart the computer to complete the installation, which is annoying when working.

But then, why lose your precious work and time in solving such issues. Let’s go through a simple way via this post… Continue reading